When people ask me what goes into making our great recipes, I always have the same answer: Amazing people and incredible ingredients. We have both.

Since August 19 is Chef Appreciation Day (“Wild” Bill would tell you that this should be every day, and I tend to agree), I wanted to take a moment to highlight the fantastic people that bring you world class food every day.

Juan Miguel BaneulosRuston Way9 Years
Rosalio Ulloa SalazarKent Station9 Years
Humberto GallegosSouthCenter9 Years
Doug McGrathGreen Lake13 Years
Miguel HernandezLake Union16 Years
Victor HernandezAlki12 Years
Antelmo ReyesBellevue25 Years
Patricio LormendezRegional Chef21 Years


Prawns del Cabo Wabo

At Duke’s, we embrace culture and benefit from the individual life experiences of all our chefs. We have eleven incredibly talented kitchen members with Hispanic roots, and they all understand flavor in a way that is totally unique. Their diverse backgrounds and passion for food combine to create magical dishes that our guests love. For example, our popular appetizer Prawns del Cabo Wabo was inspired by the big, bold flavors of Mexico. Made with 100% Wild Mexican Prawns, fresh herbs like cilantro and basil, and a touch of tasty garlic create an appetizer that guests order again and again.

The Ship’s Captain

A smoothly-run kitchen is almost entirely the product of a masterful Executive Chef, and that is exactly what Duke’s has.

Executive Chef “Wild” Bill Ranniger has been with Duke’s for over twenty years and has been an integral part of making Duke’s what it is today:  A leader in the sustainable food movement and a stand-out among heavy competition for great food.

“Wild” Bill and I have a special relationship that is unrivaled in the restaurant business. Owners and their chefs are more likely to be found butting heads in the kitchen than experimenting and creating new dishes together. “Wild” Bill and I, however, have built a strong camaraderie during the more than 20 years we’ve worked together.

Chef Wild Bill

It has been my passion for years to build a restaurant that is totally committed to sustainability. I have traveled the country, and the world, sourcing food that is grown, harvested and transported in a sustainable manner, and I couldn’t have succeeded without the efforts of Chef Bill.

Together, we have developed strict best practices that dictate exactly how every fish destined for Duke’s is caught, handled and processed. We have approached local businesses to source high-quality seafood like mussels, as well as other ingredients like ice-cream, butter, and lettuce. And we have spent countless hours in the kitchen together, translating these quality ingredients into exciting and delicious dishes.

“Wild” Bill has been integral to spreading the message about food sustainability in America, blazing a path for other restaurants to follow. He recently went to Washington D.C for Capitol Hill Ocean’s Week (CHOW), where he met with policy-makers and other leaders to discuss the need for immediate action on the decline of Pacific Northwest Salmon.

Chef Bill, we thank you for your service to Duke’s, and our amazing guests. Your skills and leadership are desperately needed in this challenging time, and your dedication to the task is incredibly admirable.  You have developed the best team of Chefs anywhere in the world, and I look forward to many more years of working and creating together.

Come celebrate Chef Appreciation Day at Duke’s, and taste for yourself the amazing dishes that our talented team has created just for you. Book a reservation via OpenTable and be sure to join our VIP Club to receive seafood recipes, special offers, and updates directly to your inbox!

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