One out of One Doctors Recommend Duke’s, And I’m Going To Live Forever. No, Really.

Good food is a lifestyle.

My food philosophy is the basis for every business decision I make and is one of my driving passions in life. I believe that the key to a healthy life is eating healthy food, and my highest goal is to help our guests make healthy food choices.

Duke's Chowder House

Duke’s Food Philosophy 

To me wholesome means natural, as in how it is found in nature. That means no additives, no pesticides, no hormones and no genetic engineering. Wholesome ingredients can be combined in creative ways to produce some of the most incredible flavors you’ve ever tasted!

That’s the philosophy that I instill into Duke’s Seafood and Chowder. That’s what I try to incorporate into our menu in order to bring fantastic flavor to our guests. My passion for health, flavor, and business all combine to create the unique experience of dining at Duke’s, and I hope to continue introducing my philosophy to you for years to come.

It’s not just me that holds the opinion that good food ensures good health. My long-time friend, Dr. Brad Weeks, shares this perspective, and teaches his patients that by eating better, they can live better!

Duke's Chowder House

Dr. Brad Weeks, M.D, N.D 

Dr. Weeks insisted that he write an entire guest page for inclusion in my latest cookbook, As Wild As It Gets. He firmly believes that food can be used as medicine, and wanted to get the message out there to folks interested in eating better. He has been advising his patients for decades that eating better will help them live better—in fact, he says that a healthy diet can make many, if not most, pharmaceutical drugs obsolete! Now, if that’s not a good incentive to eat better food, I don’t know what is!

“There are no miracle drugs,” says Dr. Weeks, “and there are no miracle foods. The human body itself is the miracle worker.” He goes on to say, “that as human beings, it is our responsibility to take care of our body, to feed and hydrate it well so that it can be the healthiest version of itself possible.”

Customers shouldn’t have to look too hard to find good food, plain and simple. Wholesome, restaurant-quality food should be available to everybody, in every city. That’s why Duke’s uses natural, nutritious ingredients to make our delicious meals. Plus, they’re sustainably sourced, meaning they aren’t only good for you but good for the entire planet!

Dr. Weeks says that Duke’s food is “good as medicine,” and what higher praise can one ask for from a doctor than that?


Food: The Fountain of Youth

Now, don’t run away; I’m about to say something crazy.

I believe it is possible to live forever.

Well, almost forever. Let me explain. I believe that by eating well and staying fit, I can stay the best possible version of myself until my late eighties; let’s say 89.

By the time I reach the age of 89, the body’s natural tendency to deteriorate will be offset by advances in medical science, and I will sail comfortably into my century years!

Staying active and eating well can significantly slow down the negative effects of aging, such as brittle bones and muscle loss. If you can slow the process down enough on your own, I have no doubt that life-extending scientific tools will be available in the very near future.

With the combined power of science, exercise and good nutrition, I will comfortably reach the ripe age of 129. And the process will repeat itself until I reach my second century! And finally, I believe that by then, science will have advanced enough to offer immortality to those that seek it.

The key to my theory is that one must stay as healthy and vibrant as possible for as long as possible, in order for medical science to catch up. Eating at Duke’s won’t guarantee that you live forever, but it will certainly help to keep you in the game.

I will even make you a deal. If you follow us on Twitter right now, I will gladly, personally buy you a meal during Duke’s 200th year anniversary. I mean, if we are both going to be there, I might as well buy you a bowl of our award-winning chowder.

Duke's Chowder House

At Duke’s Seafood and Chowder, we are proud to offer our customers delicious, wholesome ingredients, sustainably sourced and in their natural state.  Join our VIP club for free food. That’s right – free. You will get a special gift on your birthday, and just for signing up, I will buy your next meal at Duke’s (well, there is one string, but you will see it when you click), you will also receive special offers and secret healthy Duke’s recipes direct to your inbox.

Visit Duke’s soon: Book a reservation at one of our six locations today to taste for yourself that nutritious food can also be delicious!

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