Copper River Salmon

Copper River, it’s not just the name of a fish that makes a splash once a year, it’s an actual place where the wild things live – moose, bear, eagles, salmon, other seafood and even the weather. For over 25 years, Duke goes north to Alaska to personally oversee the fishing and processing of what he brings back to serve in each restaurant known as Duke’s (there are six of them).

The catch is unpredictable, some years due to weather conditions, there is a great abundance of healthy fish and everyone in the town of Cordova (population 1400) lives like royalty. Other years, the fish might be too small and they just don’t yield the specifications needed for Duke’s. Weather plays a huge role and can often be as ruthless as any fishing show seen on the food channels. As we share this information with you, 2012 is another challenging year and illustrates the rarity of this wild resource. It’s just not easy to get a Coho Salmon from Copper River in your boat.

Regardless, Copper River Coho is Duke’s favorite to serve because of its natural wild flavor and even marbling of oil that grills up perfectly time and again. Duke loves and believes in this fish so much, he loves to eat it for breakfast whenever he can.

Impeccably-sourced, sustainable seafood, mostly from Alaska, served up in a casual, comfortable atmosphere is what you’ll find at Duke’s. Duke’s is also known for serving All Natural Chowders including Award Winning Clam Chowder, Dungeness Crab & Bourbon Chowder, Lobster Pernod Chowder, Cajun Chicken Chowder and Northwest Seafood Chowder. Duke’s is passionate about wild seafood. Popular dishes include Blueberry & Goat Cheese Wild Salmon, Local Penn Cove Steamers, Wild Pacific Calamari Steak Strips, Macadamia Crusted Alaska Rockfish and Mac & Jack’s Fish and Chips. No farm fish ever. Also tasty Grass Fed Painted Hills burgers. And don’t forget to try a Duketail, not just another cocktail. The Cucumber Mojito will drive you wild. Local microbrews, Washington wine of course.

Located in the greater Seattle area for over 35 years, there are six locations nestled in great neighborhoods in Alki, Green Lake, Lake Union, Tacoma and fabulous shopping centers at Southcenter and Kent Station. Each place has incredible outdoor dining when weather permits.

Duke's Locations