Pinata Prawns Lore

Aptly named. Just one of these prawns has that effect on your tongue. Probably the best prawn you will ever bite into. They are clean, crisp with a healthy perfume of fresh shrimp.

I first encountered them in Mazatalan, Mexico. They are Wild & Natural and after just one taste, I knew I had to find the source. Couldn’t stop thinking about a way to get them to my restaurants in Seattle, thousands of miles away. Hard to do, no hablo espanol, and trying to find just one species of shrimp out of virtually thousands is no easy undertaking. It took awhile but they are now on the table at Dukes.

They are from the Sea of Cortez off Mazatlan and needless to say a rare treat. And worth all the effort.

Their unique flavor has spawned near mythical tales: one is that they can only exist during El Nino. It’s said that if the sea gets below 68 degrees they vanish until the sea warms up again. No matter what, we’re happy to have them now.

We are preparing them 8 different ways. And, frankly, I don’t have a favorite.

They are here for a limited time, so come on down to Dukes and after one Pinata bite you will be saying “Ole!”

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