My husband and I met you last week at your restaurant in Tacoma. You and Tina were on your way to the Festival of Trees. You asked that I email you about why we love Dukes.

I tried to think of the top reason we liked Dukes but as I said when talking with you, it’s not one but a combination of two reasons – value plus quality.

We like quality food but we are not spendthrifts. At Dukes we can have both, especially with your happy hour menu. And to make it even more of a good value, we purchase a few of the holiday cards that give a bonus $20 per $100 – plus we frequently use the email coupons. But wait, there’s more! I almost forgot the birthday gift meal. By the way, we do not eat poor quality food just because we have a discount.

I’m a light eater and have a sensitive gastrointestinal track so I’m careful about where and what I eat. I’m never concerned about that at Dukes because I know I can trust your food. And your menu gives me the opportunity to have a large selection of foods for a light appetite. Some of my favorite selections are the happy hour salmon sliders and the chicken BBQ sandwich. The small order of better than Mahi Mahi tacos and the small green salad (pecans & grapefruit) with added salmon are also favorites. Everything we have tried is delicious.

All the staff we have met at the Duke restaurants are excellent, fun and friendly. We usually eat at the bar so we can get to know the staff. That adds tremendously to the experience when it is just the two of us. Dukes is our “Cheers” and we love the connection with the staff.

OK, so here’s a Why We Like Dukes for Dummies quick list.

  1. value
  2. quality of food
  3. menu variety
  4. love the staff – fun, friendly, professional
  5. type of food served – ie. seafood versus Chinese
  6. trust the ingredients and preparation
  7. love the atmosphere and décor
  8. great options for a light eater
  9. nutritious (I’m a registered dietitian)

Over a years time, even with all the discounts you give to customers, we probably spend more money at Dukes than we would without discounts. We eat out more often and choose Dukes more than any other restaurant.

Thank you for your work and entrepreneurialism.

Merry Christmas

Pam & Rob Robison

Duke's Locations