Now Serving Wild Mexican Pacific Prawns Exclusively at Duke’s!

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Some Scientist say that you can live forever filled with vitality

Well, if you eat at Duke’s, you could go on forever. Everything we serve is natural, nutritious, wild and healthy. Just try our Pinata Prawns and you can add years to your life. They are so tasty, people often say, “they’re to die for.” But that’s just an expression. We like to say, “they’re to live for.”

Duke’s has the best tasting prawns I have experienced in my 42 years in the restaurant business. We call them Pinata Prawns because they explode with flavor as they pass over your taste buds. We are preparing them 10 different ways.

Try the Grand Marnier Prawns with a hint of orange. Absolutely delicious. Or try the Wild Mexican Prawns Chimichurri. No one else has this tasty dish. The Prawns Del Cabo is a dish that Duke’s Email Club members have been demanding. It’s back and tastes as good as ever.

Here’s to tasty Prawns –

P.S. Duke’s Chowder House has recently earned a 4.5 grade (Blue Fish rating) out of 5 by Fish2Fork, a leading evaluator of seafood restaurants. This is the highest seafood restaurant rating in the State of Washington.