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Duke Goes Directly to the Source...Alaska!

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Enjoy Dungeness & Beautiful Bairdi Crab at Duke's!

Come to Duke's and enjoy the best seafood on the planet from the Pacific Northwest & Alaska. Just look at these tasty items:

• Crab & Artichoke Dip
• I Hear the Ocean Fresh Salad
• Dungeness Crab "Un"Cakes
• Bairdi Crab Cakes
• Sumptuous Crab Cake Sampler
• Dungeness Crab Lover's Club
• Off the Hook Stuffed Salmon
• Fresh Dungeness Crab & Wild Gnocchi

These sustainable seafood options are carefully sourced and they are packed with flavor. I have been relentless in my pursuit to serve you the very best . . . high quality wild seafood with ingredients that are healthy for you as well.    

Come celebrate at Duke’s.


P.S. Check the interesting factoids about Dungeness Crab below.

“Dangerous” Dungeness Crab Factoids:

Dangerously Tasty. You won’t be able to stop.

1) Female Dungeness Crabs are allowed to go free . . . but not the males. It’s all about sustainability.

2) Males must be 6 ¼ inches across the back for harvesting.

3) Dungeness crabs shed their shells (moulting) ten times and grow new ones during a two year period until maturity. Life span 8-10 years.

4) A crab can grow new legs to replace the ones it loses.

5) Male and Female Crabs stay in a "pre-mating embrace" and mate when females molt. The male continues to carry the female around to protect her until her new shell has hardened.

6) Dungeness Crabs were named after the port city Dungeness on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.