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Duke Goes Directly to the Source...Alaska!

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Duke’s Wild Piñata Prawns Explode in Your Mouth With Huge Flavor

What would you rather have, Wild, Sustainable Prawns from the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez or Black Tiger Prawns from some unknown location? The tasty Piñata Prawns are caught by a group of Mexican families that have been fishing those waters for many generations. Their technique has been perfected and they produce the best tasting prawn I have ever tasted. It is crisp, not mushy. It has a clean taste of the sea, not smelly like so many prawns served in unknowing restaurants. Do your taste buds a big favor. Come to Duke’s and try our flavor bomb Piñata Prawns.

As you know, I’ve tried Prawns from all over the world. These are the best.

We know Seafood –


P.S. Check out our new “special sheet” with plenty of scrumptious Prawn dishes. I love the Stuffed and Puffed Prawns, crammed with Dungeness Crab, wonderful tasting cheese and even more Prawns.