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Duke Goes Directly to the Source...Alaska!

Check out "Fishing with Duke" in Seattle Magazine, May, 2013.

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Weathervane Scallops Now Searing… So Good They Jump In Your Mouth!

Limited Run Menu Featuring Alaska Weathervane Scallops

Message from Duke:

I found the best tasting Scallops in the World. They are so good, so perfect, so wild and so natural. I saw it all firsthand. No restaurant owner had ever been aboard to witness this kind of fishing. See our video that shows me onboard the Provider where I experienced the harvesting of Alaska Weathervane Scallops.

So, why did I go to Alaska? Because I want to bring back the best seafood for you, our valued guest. It makes such a difference to have the best. I’d been buying east coast scallops for years. And there is nothing wrong with them. But then I heard about Alaska Weathervanes and I just had to jump on a plane and see for myself. Wow, what a resource! I even ate one raw and the taste was fantastic. Watch the video and you’ll see for yourself (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6k-jC8Vwq8).

Our Chefs have prepared the best recipes and you won’t find them anywhere else. Here’s one: Scallops with Raviolis stuffed with Pumpkin Mascarpone. It’s like having dessert but it is so healthy with lots of protein. We call them OMG Scallops. “Oh My God, they taste so good."

To your good eating,


P.S. Click here (http://www.thenewstribune.com/entertainment/restaurants/tnt-diner/article42196098.html) to read more about these incredible scallops. Story by Sue Kidd, Staff Writer, Tribune, in her story entitled: BIG & BOLD - Alaska Weathervane Scallops - the boutique bivalves of the seafood world will be featured at Duke's Chowder House. (http://www.thenewstribune.com/entertainment/restaurants/tnt-diner/article42196098.html)

WATCH DUKETALES...not just another fish story. Duke goes in search of Wild Alaska Weathervane Scallops for you, our valued guest! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6k-jC8Vwq8)

Duke's Sustainable Seafood Story:

Searching for the world’s finest seafood and ingredients is Duke’s passion. Whether he’s traveling to Chesapeake Bay to visit clammers or blending up his special custom blend of bourbon at Kentucky’s world famous Woodford Reserve, Duke is in search of natural foods that are chemical free and sustainably sourced.

“Buying natural just makes sense,” says Duke. “The end result is that our guests get really incredible food.” As one of the most enduring figures on Seattle’s restaurant scene dating back to 1976, few realize that Duke is a real person let alone that he travels the globe in search of the perfect meal, what he calls DukeWorthy Fish.” Indulge yourself in sustainable seafood that’s DukeWorthy™– always wild.

Guaranteed Quality. “At Duke’s, quality matters. We know that you are hungry for better food. As you steward, we source 100% All Natural and Sustainable ingredients. Our food is traceable from people we trust. There are no antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants ever! Here’s what you can count on at Duke’s: All DukeWorthy™ ingredients . . . exceptionally flavorful and good for you, too. Hard to believe we do all this, isn’t it . . . but we do.” Duke