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Heavenly Halibut is Here!

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about you and Holy Halibut!

Why do you think you get the best tasting Halibut at Duke’s? The truth is that I go to Kodiak, Alaska and fish with our fishermen. This allows me to inspect the catch and make sure that the fishermen are following our tight guidelines and DukeWorthy standards. As you can see from the photo, this is the real deal.

The whole truth is that I really am a live person and I do go to Alaska. I do it because I want the fish to be the best it can be.I have spent years researching the best fishing grounds and the best fishermen. Our Holy Halibut is no accident. Our fishermen follow our high standards. That means great tasting fish for you and that is nothing but the truth.

We look forward to serving you up some of our heavenly Halibut soon!


P. S. Some of our competitors think I stage my trips to Alaska in a studio in Seattle. Not the case, I really do go to Alaska and fish with the fishermen.

Check out our DukeWorthy Standards below:
1. Bleed the fish immediately when it comes over the rails. This eliminates the bacteria which affects the flavor.
2. Clean the fish by removing the internal organs. This also eliminates the bacteria and keeps the fish clean and fresh.
3. Ice the fish immediately so it never gets above 34 degrees. Every degree above freezing loses ½ day of freshness. High temperature is the enemy of great tasting fish.
4. Process Halibut that is a maximum of two days on ice. Most fresh fish is 10 days on ice which is way too long. It’s all about time out of the water and temperature.
5. Fillet, vacuum pack and freeze immediately at the processing plant.